Buying a Home

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You may be buying your first home, moving up from a home you currently own, or are interested in purchasing an investment property. The nuances of homebuying change all the time – from interest rate changes, number of buyers and sellers in the market, housing inventory, number of new homes, form changes, lending parameters, and more. You need an advocate who can not only guide you through, but can help you run the numbers and have confidence in your buying decision.

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Why Buy With Us?

It’s not just about opening doors and showing you homes...

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Expert Guidance

It’s about empowering you every step of the way.


Trusted Vendors

It’s about providing you with referrals to strong lenders with lending solutions that match your situation.

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We Solve Paperwork

It’s about providing you with a copy of the most-common forms you will come across and going through the terms so you understand and are comfortable navigating through them

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Offer Creation

It’s about helping you craft an offer at the parameters you are comfortable with and structuring those in an offer that is most likely to get the sellers’ favorable attention

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Expert Negotiation

It’s about going to bat for you when negotiating, problem-solving situations, keeping your best interests at the forefront of my strategy.

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Tools And Resources

It’s about giving you the tools and resources to ensure you know what you are buying.

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Concierge Service

It’s about client care through the entire process, with special care paid attention to contract deadlines.

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Professional Education

It’s about educating you on current market conditions so we can create a homebuying strategy that is a great fit for your buying needs.

Let's Talk

It’s about having an advocate who takes project management, organization, nerdiness, and advocacy to a whole new level allowing YOU to relax (as much as possible when buying a home) and enjoy the homebuying experience. Hey, you only get to do this a few times in your life, so enjoy the thrill!