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Welcome! I am so glad you found my website!

Let me start by saying I am not your typical real estate broker. Prior to getting licensed to sell real estate, I spent over two decades working for a company that provides strategy and assistance to real estate professionals. I have helped hundreds of real estate agents with everything from marketing, content, and research. Another component of my other career was developing real estate education, deep-diving analytics and stats, teaching via educational webinars, writing articles and ebooks, developing calculators and other analytical tools for the real estate industry.

Why should you care? How does this benefit you? One word – resources. I have looked at a lot of real estate, analyzed situations, and performed the analytics. My brain just works differently as a result of this experience and knowledge.

So, bring me your unique challenges, your crazy goals. Let’s get my spreadsheets out and get all nerdy with the numbers. But then let’s turn that nerd time into an actual plan with actual properties and see if there are options out there that pull together the dream and reality.

On a personal level, in the 30+ years that I have called Bellingham and Whatcom County home, I have seen real estate prices escalate exponentially. Great for homeowners building their equity and net worth – but lousy for renters and those who want to buy a home. At the crux of this problem is a lack of housing units available. Our state has made big strides to ramp up housing in the coming years, and my passion is educating homeowners on the benefits of attached and detached accessory dwelling units (ADU or DADU) as a means of helping solve that problem.

So, if you are looking for an income-producing property, want to learn about house hacking, are wondering about ADUs, want to run some equity or leverage scenarios with me, or just need help buying or selling a property, let’s make it happen!


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