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I look forward to putting my 2+ decades of real estate marketing expertise to work marketing your property in order to get top dollar. I employ my Six-Point Listing Strategy every step of the way:

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Pre-Listing Strategy

As a marketing expert, I understand how presenting a polished product affects how people perceive value. Taking into account your needs and timing, I will work with you to create as polished a product as possible. I have a number of tools in my toolbox we can employ to make this happen.

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Exposure Strategy

No two homes are alike and therefore my exposure strategy isn’t going to be exactly the same, but it will include a print strategy, online strategy, social media strategy, signage strategy, and a live marketing strategy. I will show you examples of each and how these can apply to your property when we meet to discuss listing your home.

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Information Strategy

My personality type likes information and there are many of us out there. When I am buying a property, I don’t want to just rely on pretty pictures. Oh trust me, I look at them, but then I go straight to the listing details and supplementary documents to get the full story. I list properties the same way I would want to see them listed if I were a buyer. I want to give the potential buyer as much information as possible so they can move forward with confidence and make a great offer. This takes extra work on my part, but in my experience, information builds value and it sells properties for top dollar.


Competition Strategy

It is rare to have no competition in the market. We never know when homes similar to yours are going to list. But the key is to be agile when it happens. We want to make sure your home is the best choice for buyers at the list price. So when we get some unexpected competition, we will have a strategic reaction so your property should be at the top of the buyer’s choice list.

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Winning Negotiation Strategy

When a buyer makes an offer on your property, of course we all hope it will include all terms that are favorable to you. Sometimes reality throws a bit of a curve ball. But we will work together to formulate a response that has you winning at the forefront. Although winning doesn’t always mean you will get everything you want – sometimes the other team gets runs too, after all – my goal is the highest likelihood of a successful transaction for you.

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Marketing Pricing Strategy

With 15+ years of real estate research under my belt, I take a different approach when it comes to reviewing the real estate market, looking at the numbers in various ways, and using a number of data sources to not only arrive at a logical target price range for your property based on what other buyers have paid, but also taking into account your short- and long-term goals.

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I don’t evaluate properties like other agents and I don’t sell properties like other agents. My points of difference mean money in your pocket.